Day 5 – the little things

Another mostly check-in post. Next one, though, is gonna be a big one on how I got here and the crazy, stupid things I did.

For now, I want to go ahead and list some of the small stuff that should have set off alarms that something was going wrong.

  1. I lost my cold tolerance. I have always had an incredible tolerance to the cold. As a kid, I could walk around in the snow with shorts and a T-shirt. When I started feeling the cold like a normal person, I convinced myself that it was fat loss… five pounds isn’t that dramatic.
  2. My veins became more visible (probably contributed to #1), which I blamed on the exercise.
  3. My blood pressure dropped. Again I blamed exercise.
  4. While not bloodshot, my eyes became more sensitive to irritation.
  5. My ability to fight infection got worse.
  6. I had to exercise in the morning or I put on stomach fat. I think this is probably because I had full liver glycogen and breakfast was always carb heavy (a bad idea anyway).
  7. In line with #6, when I did put on fat it was always in the stomach – this is called visceral fat and is deposited by the liver when you have excess glycogen.
  8. Cuts and bruises took longer to heal.
  9. My nails became more brittle.
  10. My normal booze snobbery disappeared. I moved progressively from top shelf to middle shelf to bottom shelf, and I started doing less cocktails at home and more plain old drinks.

So if you are an habitual or heavy drinker and start to notice these things, take some advice and cut back (or even just take a break).

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