Day 7 – food as more than fuel part 2

I asserted earlier one reason to care about food beyond just being something to abate hunger and keep moving is that we are built out of what we eat. This is pretty obvious, but I feel it is often forgotten when people gravitate towards convenience foods – I know I didn’t think about it back in the day. Today I want to talk about something else that food can be beyond something to keep you going: food as therapy.

Not This

While I’m sure that this conjured up images of downing tubs of ice cream while watching bad romance movies or perhaps the force feeding of nasty canned chicken noodle soup to feverish kids, that isn’t quite what I mean. I mean that since diet can directly affect how we feel, perhaps we should be looking at diet when diagnosing the source of our day-to-day problems. Maybe the solution to your mid afternoon crashing is to eat more for lunch or to eat more nutrient dense foods – snacking on those 100 calorie faux-foods doesn’t help anyone. Maybe you feel bloated every night because dinner is one of those aforementioned nasty canned soups and the salt content is causing water retention.

It’s not a far stretch from things that happen everyday. Diabetics do best eating low carbohydrate diets, and people with high blood pressure are told to manage sodium intake. Gout sufferers are guided away from organ meats and, more recently, sugary drinks. People with bad cholesterol can take any number of measures to improve their HDL/LDL levels, though it usually doesn’t involve limiting dietary cholesterol.

Is it really a stretch to imagine that this also applies to small, daily ailments as well , then? If you resign yourself to a breakfast wrap to go, boxed mac and cheese, or a sandwich in a can, you may never know.

This makes me die a little inside. The one on the right is a canned BBQ CHICKEN SANDWICH. These are marketed on the website as healthy.

2 Responses to “Day 7 – food as more than fuel part 2”

  1. I am a firm believer in you are what you eat – and eating the processed, convenience foods does help create a body that does not function at its best. Snacking on healthy foods goes a long way towards helping us not only feel better, but also help us perform better.

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