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Day 3 – AKA Day 1 part 2 and learning to laugh

Posted in musings with tags , , , , , on February 2, 2012 by healthordeath

First, an aside: last nights dinner was a chili I had made and frozen a while back. It wasn’t until this morning that I remembered the secret ingredient: bourban added in the last 20 minutes.  While some alcohol does burn out when cooking, it’s not nearly as much as most people think. Since I’m 100% serious about the 60 days commitment, I will be posting daily to 62 days.

When I first realized that I had a problem, any discussion of alcohol made me uncomfortable. What I learned over time was that I had to get over this feeling if I wanted to beat my condition. How can I be recovered if I feel awkward when someone asks for a middle shelf rum recommendation (Cruzan Black Strap)? If I can’t relate funny drunken stories (coming eventually)? If I can’t enjoy over the top comedy like Epic Meal Time? It’s not possible.

Yao Ming Laughing Internet Meme

the best medicine

In truth, the ultimate victory would be to laugh. In addition to being good for you, laughter indicates that the subject matter is odd, out of place, or untrue. Just look at Dave Chapelle, who makes something as serious as racism look silly by laughing at it. For the other side of the picture, imagine really laying into right hook and having the other guy laugh at you. Intimidating, no? I suppose treating a condition like this is similar to the good “bad story”, you know those times that sucked a lot when they happened but make really great stories afterwords.

So to get over this, I will try to respond to any questions any of you have in the comments and sign off today with an (albeit poor) attempt at humor:

The worst part about blacking out and waking up to find two pounds of bacon missing from the fridge isn’t the hangover or the bloating, its not having the memory of eating two pounds of bacon.

Day 2 – I am not my condition, and neither are you

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As I mentioned in my first post, I am an alcoholic, and while that term is what I am, it is not who I am. I see myself as a person with an illness, something that I need to fix. Traditionally, they say that alcoholism is for life – that you never really recover – and that you will fight it for the rest of your life.

I don’t accept that.

If I resign myself to that mantra, I may as well go drink myself to death right now because I will be accepting that I am going to fight myself every day.  I don’t want to live like that. I was thinking about this today and it seems more and more like people with conditions are routinely told that all they can do is cope and take medications.

Diabetic? No hope there, just take insulin. Never mind changing your diet, there is no way you are going to get better.

MS? None here. Take these pills as you slowly degenerate, since you can’t fix this one either.

Ulcerative Colitis? Just treat the symptoms with steroids. Don’t bother fixing the underlying problem.

Fibromyalgia? Celiac? How many other conditions are really “permanent”? While alcoholism is different from these conditions, I still have to think that if I can treat the underlying reason I drank that the term “recovered alcoholic” may someday be what I am. As for that underlying reason, thats a topic I’ll have to unpack.